Zelensky-Trump meeting to be held late summer

Newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is to visit Washington, D.C., with his team, reported KyivPost Tuesday.  

Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States Valery Chaly stated that the meeting between the US President Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, which may be held late in summer, is now being worked on.

“We are working on it. Later this week, representatives of President Zelensky will visit [Washington, D.C.], and we will be working together on the date and content of the visit. I believe it will happen in the coming months,” Chaly said.

“The visit should be fully prepared by August or September,” he added.

Chaly also expressed his hope that the two presidents “will find a chemistry” and make the meeting productive. “Neither President Zelensky, nor Ukraine, nor the United States needs a mere image of [a meeting between] the two presidents. They will find a way to create chemistry between themselves. They have already created that chemistry in their phone calls. The content is a different question,” Chaly said.

Kurt Volker, US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, confirmed that the meeting would happen soon. “We don’t have a date worked out with the White House just yet. It’s going to depend on scheduling, but we hope to have that sooner rather than later,” he said.

«And it’s important that the two presidents have a chance to meet each other. They’ve not met before; they’ve spoken on the phone, but they haven’t met in person. And I think we want to indicate to President Zelenskiy as we have in our other meetings, we fully support his effort to bring about substantial reform in Ukraine. And this is really an opportunity. If it can be done to help Ukraine break free from a legacy of the past.»


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