Williamson’s cure for diseases with prayer


The 2020 Candidate Marianne Williamson has devoted her pre-election program to a crisis solution in the US healthcare system. Williamson prompts to focus “chemical policies and our food policies and our agricultural policies and our environmental policies and even our economic policies” as they are the ground for deceases.

The candidate considers healing within spiritual self-assurance regarding false measures which have already been outdated. In her opinion, to recover from swine flu, people should “pour God’s love on our immune systems.” She wants to persuade people that her previous announcements on HIV, vaccines, and antidepressants are different from the current ones.

Marianne Williamson might be the one of the candidates who should explain her claims “on Science, Mental Health, and Antidepressants” and reject from her all-directed protection like the following:

Williamson is organizing the fundraiser as the attempt for the next debates, therefore, she needs to spend her time on the damaging control. After the previous speech the views of audience are wary.

Williamson’s appeal to the prevention of the US “sickness care” system often fails but it is tempting.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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