William Browder’s close ties with US State Department

US State Department’s top Russian Intelligence official Robert Otto’s private correspondence proving his close ties with William Browder, investment fund manager and author of the Magnitsky Act, was posted on the Internet in 2017.

According to Otto’s emails, he himself was doubting Magnitsky’s story (an official version of it), however, helped cover it “in the right way”. An official version says that Sergei Magnitsky, Russian tax advisor, worked with Browder and allegedly uncovered Russian tax fraud scheme. He was later arrested for exposing Russian officials and tortured to death in prison. In fact, Magnitsky was arrested for tax evasion and never accused any of Russian officials of fraudulent acts. Browder was also accused of tax evasion in Russia and sentenced to nine years in prison. After the accountant’s death US Congress passed Magnitsky Act, anti-Russia sanctions bill.

It became known from Otto’s emails that he, other US government officials and a number of American journalists had been closely working with Mr. Browder and were aware of the real story of Magnitsky. After the release of a film “The Magnitsky Act – Behind the scenes” by Andrei Nekrasov, Otto sent an email to John Williams saying “The Nekrasov film is so incompetent….. I could do a better job of discrediting the ‘official’ line.”

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