Willam Barr began to lose ground


Let Mueller decides whether to give him testimony in Congress – says attorney General William Barr

And this is a great progress in the development of the business. Earlier, the President, Donald trump stated that the decision about whether Mueller to testify, and will accept Barr.

“It’s Bob’s decision whether or not he wants to testify,” Barr told the Journal in an article published early Thursday morning.

The reason for this comment was the aggravation of the struggle of the Democrats of the House of representatives with the Ministry of justice because of the unedited version of the report of the special counsel on Russia’s interference in the elections and the potential obstruction of justice by trump.

The attorney General has been feuding with house Democrats, in particular with the Chairman of the Judicial Committee, Jerry Nadler of new York, who continues to seek Mueller’s testimony.

In an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, Nadler said, “bill Barr is just a liar. And he’s just a representative of the President.”

The Nadler Committee voted to hold Barr accountable for refusing to comply with the subpoena for Muller’s unedited report. Trump confirmed the Executive’s privilege over the full report. An edited version of the document was released in April. Mueller completed his research in March.

The white house also has its own fight against house Democrats. White house attorney Pat Cipollone warned Nadler and his colleagues not to “pursue an unauthorized “do-over” of special counsel probe, calling on the Judicial Committee to “discontinue the iquiry.”

Nadler then rejected the white house’s demand. “Our investigation into this, as other troubling conduct by this administration will continue,” he said.

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