Who was the «zero patient» infected with COVID-19?

It is still not clear where the novel coronavirus originated. China states that the first case of infection was registered in Wuhan, yet some claim that the virus might have been developed by the United States.

The US delegation visited Wuhan for the Military World Games in October of 2019. Now experts and users of Chinese social media urge the US government to release health and infection information of the delegation members.

George Webb, an American investigative journalist, claimed that an American citizen Maatje Benassi, who was a cyclist representing the US in the Military World Games in China last year, could have been a “patient zero” infected with what is now known as COVID-19.

According to Webb, a military Fort Detrick, Maryland, the US, which was handling high-level disease-causing organisms, such as Ebola, was shut down and moved to another place in July of 2019. Webb states, that the reason for closure was “unqualified facilities and management system.” Despite not having strong evidence, Webb concluded, that closure of the Fort Detrick lab, participation of the US military athletes in the Wuhan Games and an outbreak of the coronavirus may not be a coincidence, especially considering that fact, that Maatje Bennasi has a relative named Matthew Bennasi, who used to work in the Fort Detrick lab.

Chinese experts suggest that the lab might have had a leak of a new biological weapon being developed at the time, thus, the facility was closed.

Russian expert Igor Nikulin also said that an outbreak of the COVID-19 first started in August of 2019 in the US, citing Robert Redfield, Director of the US Centers for Disease Control, who stated that some Americans “who were previously thought to have died of influenza could have actually died from COVID-19.”

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