White House orders to ignore subpoenas about Mueller’s report


The White House had two ex-assistants to President Donald Trump not to come to the hearings of House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Rick Dearborn and Rob Porter were said to be “absolutely immune” for giving evidence at a so-called first impeachment hearing.

White House Counsel Pat Cipollini wrote in the letter to the Associated Press that the Justice Departments suggested Dearborn and Peter ignoring subpoenas concerning “constitutional immunity.” Their lawyer claimed that they would act by the President’s instructions.

Although former Trump campaign manager Correy Lewandowski has never served for the White House, he would be present at the hearings posing himself as the one witness on Tuesday.

 Another letter states that Lewandowski should conceal private talks with the President which have not been mentioned in special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler asked the three men for giving evidence during the hearings within the investigation in the Mueller’s report. However, the White House has still impeded the Committee to testify and request of the documents. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced that she prefer waiting for the things occurred in court before claiming on impeachment.

Cipollone reported that Dearborn and Porter were asked for their absence “because of the constitutional immunity that protects senior advisers to the president from compelled congressional testimony, and in order to protect the prerogatives of the Office of President.”

In the letter to Lewandowski, Cipollone wrote the conversations between Nadler and Trump “are protected from disclosure by long-settled principles protecting executive branch confidentiality interests.”

Nadler considered the White House’s position is “a shocking and dangerous assertion,” and added: “The President would have us believe that he can wilfully engage in criminal activity and prevent witnesses from testifying before Congress — even if they did not actually work for him or his administration.”

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