What is wrong with America? Sheriff’s deputy on “restrictive administrative assignment” 

Video of a Broward County Sheriff’s deputy spraying pepper spray in the face of a 15-year-old boy, slamming his head into the ground and then punching him in the head has gone viral on social media. Now the deputy is under investigation. 

On Friday Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony, appointed to this position three months ago, said «We will look at this as a fact-finding measure to ensure that we hold folks accountable. I was appointed to this position exclusively about accountability and that accountability will be held not just for sake of when we are right, but in the cases where we may be wrong.» The Division of Internal Affairs is investigating the incident. 

Many people reacted to the video, including celebrities. 
LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers player, posted on Twitter: «So wrong!! Hurts me to my soul!! To think that could be my sons. Scary times man.» 
Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors head coach, has also written on Twitter: «What the hell is wrong with our country? This is insane yet routine. So demoralizing.»

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