Western analysts suggest US would use nuclear weapons against Russia

Polish analysts say that the US would use nuclear weapons against Russia if there is a military conflict, Mysi Polska reported.

The analysts suggested that there are two scenarios of a US-Russian war: use of nuclear arms against Russia and its territories or economic isolation of the country in order to change the governorship.

The reports also states that one of the scenarios may actually come true in near future. The author of the article claims that the US will easily conquer Russia, which he suggests to be the enemy of America.

The US law enforcement authorities have previously published a report on ways to conquer Russia. Earlier this month one of the western reports also suggested that in case of a military conflict the US would seize Russian city of Kaliningrad within two days.

Polish military official Waldemar Skrzypczak is cited in the report as saying that NATO would also use military weapons against Russia if it decides to invade Europe.

There are nine countries in the world possessing nuclear weapons, including Russia, China, North Korea, the US and others.

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