Washington seeks negotiator for talks with Russia

Washington is seeking a delegate for the negotiations on nuclear weapon control with Russia, TASS cited Politico.

«The negotiator would act as a special envoy focused on arms control talks. And while Moscow would likely be his or her primary overseas negotiating partner, Trump may insist that the envoy take on the even harder task of convincing China to engage in such discussions,» the statement said. “The search has been going on since late last year.»

President Donald Trump is likely to appoint for delegating former nuclear negotiator Richard Burt, Treasury Department official Marshall Billings and former national security adviser Stephen Hadley.

Both parties want to review the existence of the New START Treaty terms of which end in February this year.

Russia first expressed its willingness to extend the agreement and promised to take all the needed steps to provide its new security providing the US abandons the New START.

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