Washington’s revenge for the failure of bringing the country to chaos


“Hiding behind hypocritical statements about the protection of democracy and human rights, Washington is hitting the Venezuelan economy with a sanction club in the hope of bringing the country to chaos. Bringing the rebels to justice, and removing them is a reward to the traitors. Everything is cynically painful” – told Slutsky to reporters on Friday.

The head of the committee added that “the United States, introducing and expanding sanctions against Venezuela and companies connected with it, continues the policy of unlawful pressure on the legitimate authorities of the Bolivarian Republic.” “There is a frank, rude and overt interference in the affairs of a sovereign state. Washington cannot decide whether this or that detention was completely legal or illegal. Only a Venezuelan court can determine this based on national legislation,” the politician said.

US sanctions and the situation around Venezuela The United States has entered into its sanctions lists two companies in the oil sector of Venezuela, engaged in maritime transport, and two oil tankers belonging to them, said in a statement released Friday by the US Treasury Department.

According to the US Treasury Department, the sanctions are a response to the “unlawful detention of members of the National Assembly” in Venezuela. On Wednesday, the Venezuelan parliament, controlled by opponents of President Nicolas Maduro, reported on the arrest of its First Vice-Speaker Edgar Zambrano.

On Tuesday, the Constitutional Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic decided to deprive immunity of seven opposition deputies of the National Assembly of Venezuela. Earlier, the country’s Supreme Court allowed them to be charged with “treason, criminal conspiracy, rebellion, usurpation of authority, calling for insurrection, non-compliance with laws and inciting hatred” for involvement in anti-government protests on April 30.

Later, on April 30, a group of military came out on the side of Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaydo. It was a continue of protest actions which were resumed in the country. During the demonstrations several hundred people were injured, five died. According to non-governmental organizations, at least 240 protesters were detained in two days.

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