Washington allocate millions to counteract Russian meddling

First deputy head of the US parliamentary fraction Adalbi Shkhagoshev announced on Friday that Moscow would scrutinize foreign intervention in Russian domestic affairs, TASS reported.

Such a claim arose as Washington allocated money to the confrontation to “Russian propaganda”. Thus, Moscow established the decision om Thursday.

«I have put forward a proposal for the commission to track the spending of those funds: where they go, which countries receive them, which non-commercial organizations they [the US] will use to influence our «propaganda,» as they say,» he said and pointed out that he would chair this direction. «The commission has agreed with me, we will get to work on this».

Shkhagoshev also highlighted that the US administration asked Congress for $700 million to prevent the alleged Russian interference. «A separate article offers to allocate $24 mln to counteract «Russian propaganda,» he said.

Vesna News — official website

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