Vladimir Putin urges not to forget that a person remains in the center of everything

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged not to forget in the digital era that a person remains in the center of everything, and the “figure” will not replace freedom.” He expressed this opinion at the international forum “Development of parliamentarism”.

New technologies are able to play a huge positive role in enhancing the openness and democratization of public and political life, strengthening democratic institutions,” the Head of State said. “But if we remember the main idea that “figure” cannot replace freedom, that the people are always the source of power, that definitely a person and his or her rights — the basis of everything

The President pointed out that one of the most important challenges is the transition of the world economy to a new technological order. In his opinion, it involves the questions of supporting firm development, guarantees of social and legal protection of a person.

«The duty of all responsible politicians, scientists, business community is to comprehend the nature of the technological revolution, the present and future of the digital era, coherent and timely address the issues of eliminating and smoothing the contradictions and risks arising during the revolution,» he added.

Putin urged to join together for using the broadest opportunities which open up technological breakthroughs in various fields in the interests of the people. He added that digital technologies, artificial intelligence, the era of social networks, big data will have an impact on politics and parliamentary activity, on legislative practice, open new horizons for expanding direct democracy, for direct interactive participation of citizens in decision-making and the formation of a legal framework not only local but national level.

The head of Russia also noted that the attempts of a number of countries to monopolize the global information space and to arrogate to themselves the right to truth contradict the principles of democracy.

«We see, unfortunately, attempts to monopolize the global information space, to claim the right to truth. These tendencies, by the way, also spread at the national level, when censorship bans and barriers, bans on a different point of view are actually raised in some countries which, in our opinion, fundamentally contradict the values ​​of democracy, the principle of freedom of speech and parliamentary tradition in general, which by their nature imply respect for a different opinion and a different position,» the Russian President said.

According to Putin, the consolidation of parliaments in the development of general rules for the exchange of information and its protection «has a great meaning for strengthening human rights and freedoms, for the establishment and development of a balanced, fair world order.» The President also stressed that firm development of the global economy, increasing access to education and health care, strengthening human capital, solving environmental problems, digital transformation and updating the labor market are «priority issues for the entire international community

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