«Victims» of Mueller Investigation: Samuel Patten

Samuel Patten, political consultant, describing himself as a “Never-Trumper” was charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

And was sentenced to three years’ probation and obliged to pay a fine of $5,000. According to Patten, all he did was consulting Paul Manafort, former Trump Campaign Chairman, and obtaining tickets to trump inauguration for his Ukrainian clients.

Patten commented on his indictment and said that FARA “is only used when the government has nothing else.” He has claimed that having not found anything after searching through his private correspondence, Mueller’s investigators used FARA simply to get from him information on “this bullshit story about collusion.”

Patten stated that he had to spend some $140,000 from his retirement account to pay for legal bills. “I’m still digging my way out of the legal hole,” Patten said.

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