«Victims» of Mueller Investigation: Michael Ledeen

Michael Ledeen, former Reagan official, and his wife Barbara, Senate Judiciary Committee aide, are both mentioned in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian Interference in the 2016 election.

Ledeen is cited in the report as a person Michael Flynn, former trump national security adviser, had spoken with “for 20 minutes” before talking to a Russian ambassador. Ledeen and Flynn are co-authors of “The Field of Fight: how we can win the Global war against radical Islam and its allies,” the book released in 2016 during the campaign. His wife stated that as a reason why Mueller’s agents obtained Ledeen’s phone records.

“That was a surprise to us,” she said. “They went to the grand jury and got a subpoena to get my husband’s phone records and they got them and we never knew. I guess it was because Michael wrote the book with Flynn.”

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website