«Victims» of Mueller Investigation: Joseph Schmitz

Joseph Schmitz, former Pentagon inspector general, was not the subject of Mueller’s investigation, yet his name is mentioned in the report.

In April 2018, a group of CNN reporters waited for Schmitz outside of his house to ask him “16 questions as salacious as the stuff in the dossier.” Later CNN published a story, saying that Schmitz had tried “to expose damaging information about Clinton.”

According to Schmitz, there was a “clear pattern of coordination between Mueller and CNN,” and other witnesses agree to that statement. He has also suggested that his name appears in blacked-out sections, besides for that one time it is shown in the redacted version of the report. He has demanded the Department of Justice to provide him with all the documents related to him by filing a Freedom of Information Act request.

In an interview with Real Clear Politics, Schmitz said that Mueller probe “was a costly and terrible waste of time.” Michael Caputo, former Trump campaign official, who is also mentioned in Special Counsel’s report, and had to remortgage his house to pay for legal bills, said that Mueller himself should be investigated for “prosecutorial abuses.”

“Ruining lives was blood sport for them.” Michael Caputo  “You look at the lives ruined – Corsi, Michael Flynn and others. That alone is enough to warrant a special investigation.” Art Moore

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