«Victims» of Mueller Investigation: George Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos, former Trump campaign member of the foreign advisory panel, was waiting for an offer to become a member of new Trump administration, when FBI agents appeared at his mother’s house in Chicago, where he was staying at the time, stating they wanted to ask a few questions about work he’d done during the campaign.

Having spoken to Mueller’s investigators without his lawyer, Papadopoulos later regretted that he did not even write any notes. In July 2017 he was arrested at Washington Dulles International Airport. Mueller’s agents confiscated his passport and cellphone, besides searching his bags. Papadopoulos then recollected that one of the agents, described by him as being “mean, nasty and underhanded,” had sarcastically said that “this is what happens when you work for Trump.”

Mueller has charged Papadopoulos with lying to his agents, yet never provided him with a transcript of FBI questioning him, nor he let him amend what had been said.

Papadopoulos has claimed that Mueller’s agents threatened to lock him up for violating FARA and in order to do that they had even got warrants to search his house and electronic devices. The interesting point is that the warrants obtained by Mueller were based on Papadopoulos ties to Israel, which is one of the strongest America’s allies. Then Special Counsel’s investigators decided to indict him for violating the Logan Act, and later they threated to charge him with obstruction.

“Even thinking about charging someone with a Logan Act violation is obscene and in my view profoundly corrupt.” Solomon Wisenberg

In an interview with Real Clear Investigations, Papadopoulos said that he “pled guilty when they came after me with FARA violations,” in exchange for reduced jail time. In fact, Mueller’s agents couldn’t charge Papadopoulos with anything but lying to investigators. He was sentenced to serve 12 days in federal prison.

“Of course, they knew there was no collusion crime, especially in my case,” he stated, noting that Mueller’s agents “wanted to use me for their war against Trump.”

“I viewed these people as not looking for justice, or to actually uncover wrongdoing, but to cover up Department of Justice and Obama administration malfeasance and surveillance abuse” against Trump campaign, Papadopoulos said in the interview with RCI.

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