«Victims» of Mueller Incestigation: Carter Page

Carter Page, former Trump campaign aide, has claimed that because of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation he’d lost his business, his income, and a girlfriend, and had to run his business from his parent’s house.

According to Page, Mueller’s investigators made him appear before a grand jury and interrogated him “all day”. “The Mueller witch hunt was the only time that I’ve ever appeared before a grand jury in my life,” said Page, He has noted that he had also been grilled by FBI agents at least for five more times prior the hearing.

Although Mueller did not charge Page, he accused him of being “Russian agent,” and issued warrants to spy on Page in 2017. Currently Justice Department is investigating whether there were enough accusation to issue the warrant or not.

“The thousands of dollars I shelled out on retainers is only a pittance compared to the massive destruction this sham has created across nearly all aspects of my life,” said Page. It is worth mentioning that Page was nut reimbursed any expenses, while Mueller’s team was fully funded.

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