Veselnitskaya: Russian by name, American by birth Boris Johnson will definitely go down in history

Boris Johnson, UK politician and statesman, mayor of London and Foreign Secretary in Theresa May’s government, has won the election of Leader of the British Conservative Party and now is taking the place of the new Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson was ahead of his rival Jeremy Hunt almost twice, receiving 92,000 votes from party members.

The inauguration is expected to hold on Wednesday, July 24th. Johnson will replace Teresa May, who has repeatedly expressed her desire to resign because of Brexit failure. On the same day, May’s last speech will be held in front of the Parliament, after which he is seeing with the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II, who will personally accept the resignation.
Experts are convinced that the victory of Johnson does not affect the warming of Russia-UK relations.

Boris Johnson is a bright and eccentric figure, according to the recognisability and scandal, he can be compared to Trump, and without a doubt, a gifted person. Johnson’s victory in this election is nothing more than a logical continuation of British fatigue from May’s dismal politics, considers Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya.

«Like his American counterpart, Johnson bets on the image rehab of the powerful European state and supports the active reformation of the tax system. Today, he is even called as “the British Donald Trump»,» comments Veselnitskaya on.

In the lawyer’s opinion, the new Prime Minister of the UK, bearing the Russian name and born in New York, will definitely go down in the World history as one of the brightest figures of our time. «The only question is with what sign. But it is obvious that the World will not be bored.»

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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