US wants to dictate the “right views” to the whole world


Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov ridiculed the American petition demanding that the actor be denied the award because of his political views. This he did in his Twitter.

Alain Delon – French theater and film actor, director and screenwriter. He received the greatest fame for his roles in the films “Rocco and His Brothers” (1960), “In the Bright Sun” (1960), “Samurai” (1967), “Two in the City” (1973). Alain Delon is the winner of the “Cesar” award for the film “Our History” and the honorary award of the International Berlin Film Festival.

The fact is that in mid-April, the Cannes Film Festival decided to award the honorable Golden Palm Branch to Alain Delon to honor his incredible contribution to the history of the seventh art, ”the organizers of the festival said, calling Delon“ a giant, a living legend and a world symbol of cinema .

This decision was immediately attacked by numerous critics. So, the founder of the non-profit organization “Women and Hollywood” Melissa Silverstein considered Delon unworthy of the award because of his statements that same-sex couples cannot adopt children. In addition, the actor’s statements that modern women are becoming similar to men, and France should remain “a country of the white race, also found a seditious attitude.

“The American petition demands not to give 83-year-old Alain Delon the golden Honorary Palm of the Cannes Film Festival for his contribution to world cinema because of his political views. From the United States they want to dictate to the world which views are correct and which are not. Totalitarian ideology “made in USA” “, – stated Pushkov.

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