US top Intel official about 2020 election threats


US officials are concerned about the upcoming 2020 election and already discuss the related threats and possible ways to confront them, reported CBS NEWS Wednesday.

In an interview with Michael Morell of CBS NEWS, Principal National Intelligence Deputy Director Sue Gordon said: “We have no expectation that, in 2020, [adversaries] will stay with the approach that they had in 2018. So, I think we already have raised our vision.”

“This is a world where the threats are to and through information. So, both our opportunities and our challenges, I think, are related to that.”

Gordon stated that the main threat is third parties’ efforts to interfere in the US election.

“That is national interests of our adversaries using information in order to sow seeds of division and, again, make us not believe in ourselves, or make people believe their votes don’t count, or position tools in our infrastructure so they could deny us either information or withdraw information or damage infrastructure. Those are all information that are threats to information. Through information is the use of data. So, in a world where it really is about your ability to command data, then the person is going to be able to use it, whether to synthesize information to see patterns that aren’t there, deliver information more quickly to achieve action, that’s where the advantage is going to be.”

The US Intelligence Community is reportedly being modernized and intelligence agencies are now trying to provide Americans with as much information as possible ahead of the 2020 vote. “Now the threat surface is disproportionately not controlled by the government. And the people who are deciding about protection are not government officials,” Gordon said. “And what that means is, intelligence has to be made available for those decision-makers, whether it’s the populace — ‘You all are being duped’ – or the private sector – ‘You all are having your secrets stolen.'”

“It’s a world where, increasingly, secrets aren’t going to stay secret forever.”

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