US to step in new epoch

The US political establishment is facing a kind of agony. Lately, we can see various strange actions that boost up Washington’s tough situation.

We see how Trump attacks the countries one by one with sanctions, trying to struggle with the trade deficit and weakening the position. Thus, the US Congress hardly unanimously supports the tightening of the sanctions against Russia.

Amid this, the event at the global stage is actively developing. For example, the Turkish population, one of the key members of NATO, literally burn dollar and crash I-Phones in a rage. On the other side, the Russian and Chinese weapon systems which question the capability of Washington to dominate in the military field.

The United States has to react to the new rule of the game and thereby make the records compatible with the defense spending, inducing to tighten the state funding. At this time, the number of countries is raising which starts ignoring American sanctions, especially in the energy field.

Although these events connected with various world tendencies, one important fact appears: the US, having had the status of “the Lord of the World”, is on the razor edge that may take the risk of missteps.

Many must be glad of the collapse of the West, however, the irreparable and damaging events would follow such a crash. It does not mean that the US is not changeable but in order to avoid them, it would require time and a well-considered model of transformation of the world powers balance.

One needs to do, first of all, is to minimize the policy of unilateralism from Washington, the Americans must accept that they are not the exclusive nation and the other ones are also able to reveal political ambitions.

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