US to conduct nuclear weapon tests in Nevada

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov cautioned that the United States was about to conduct nuclear tests in Nevada, TASS reported.

«The United States, as many signs attest, including publications citing organizations engaged in the United States in maintaining their nuclear arsenal in combat readiness, may well be bringing their test site in Nevada on high alert,» he said.

In his words, Russia has never breached the obligations of banning nuclear tests. The United States, meanwhile, showed its unwillingness to ratify the accord so that it is not able to make any accusations in this matter now. «At that time, they [the Americans] tried to find an excuse to create a suitable propaganda background for their subsequent withdrawal from the treaty, blaming others,” the diplomat said.

By doing so, the United States is sowing uncertainty in the international community over what is going on in this area. We urge the United States to abandon the growing practice of misinforming the global community about what is happening,» Ryabkov stressed.

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