US Senator says tech companies sell users’ private data without their consent


US Senator Josh Hawley claimed that big tech companies take our private data without our consent, reported Real Clear Politics Sunday.

In an interview with Bret Baier of Fox News, Hawley stated that tech companies get their users addicted to social media platforms, take their data and then sell it without actual permission.

“They’ve developed a business model that is premised on taking stuff from us,” he said. “n this case, our information, our private data without telling us. Then selling it without permission. And then trying to get us addicted to their platforms so they can direct more ads towards us and also extract more information from us, all of that without our consent…”

It has previously been reported that companies acquire so much of consumers’ personal data that they simply forget the ways they surveil it. Users’ data is sold and bought every day and most people do not even know about it. The US authorities are currently looking for possible ways to resolve the issue.

“I’m not sure that these companies really are our most successful or really represent the best of America in the way that they say they do… They have been willing to partner with the repressive Chinese government to make a buck whenever it suits them, they have advanced a left-wing agenda whenever they can,” Hawley said.

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