US, Russia to hold talks on strategic security in Geneva


US and Russian officials are to hold talks on strategic security next week. According to a press release of the US Department of State, Deputy State Secretary John Sullivan will meet with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. The meeting will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on July 17-18. Following the talks in Geneva, Sullivan will head to Brussels to meet with representatives of the US Allies and NATO.

“Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan will travel to Switzerland and Belgium July 16-18.  In Geneva, Switzerland, Deputy Secretary Sullivan will lead the U.S. delegation’s participation in a U.S.-Russia strategic security dialogue with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov, in furtherance of discussions by Secretary Pompeo and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov during their meeting in Sochi, Russia on May 14.  Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Andrea Thompson will accompany the Deputy Secretary,” said the statement by the US State Department. 

“Deputy Secretary Sullivan and Under Secretary Thompson will then travel to Brussels, Belgium on July 18 to brief Allies at NATO headquarters.

The Deputy Secretary will also engage with U.S. Mission personnel in Geneva and Brussels.”

Lavrov and Pompeo met in Sochi in May. The agenda of the meeting included arms control treaties, current situation in Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela, and alleged Russian meddling in the US presidential election.

The agenda of the upcoming meeting is yet unknown. Possibly the two sides will discuss whether to extend the New START, Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, a nuclear arms reduction treaty between Russia and US signed in April 2010. The treaty, which is set to expire in a year and a half, may be extended for five more years if agreed.  


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