US provocateurs should be held accountable


A participant of a rally-concert Anton Ts. wrote on social media that on August 10 he met with a US lawyer who said how to deal with law enforcement officers.

The young man claimed that he end up in a paddy wagon while he “looked at the crowd of protesters.” A US citizen, Tatyana B., was detained with him, as well. She showed her American passport and explained to the detainees how to “fool the cops.” Anton added that he was soon released.

“This episode vividly proves that the protest rally had been carefully planned beforehand, including abroad,” commented State Duma deputy Viktor Vodolatsky, quoted by Economics Today.

The parliamentarian added that at first the candidates to the Moscow City Duma got  their removal from the election on their own. They provided fake lists of signatures. And then, they organized protests to disrupt public order.

Vodolatsky believes that the appearance of the American citizens in Moscow has been planned. This is an “unprecedented interference” in the Russian affairs, he stressed.

The parliamentarian recalled the story of Maria Butina, when in the US “Russian citizens are detained without evidence.” And the Russian diplomats are not able to get them out of jail.

The State Duma deputy is sure such provocateurs like the US legal counsel should be held accountable. Only in this case, the Western intelligence services will stop sending their employees to “help” the non-systemic opposition.

The protests were organized by unregistered candidates for the Moscow State Duma. The Moscow City Electoral Commission denied their registration due to numerous violations in the lists of signatures .

Lyubov Sobol, Ivan Zhdanov, Dmitry Gudkov provided the lists of signatures with a lot of flaws. For instance, Lyubov Sobol was found to have  a sweetshop on forging signatures. FBK lawyer was convicted with using the signatures of dead people.

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