US President attacks Rex Tillerson after he says “Putin ran circles around Trump during their first policy meeting”

Thursday morning President Donald Trump laced into former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and said his story had been “made up.”

First reported by The Washington Post, Tillerson had told lawmakers at a private meeting that Trump was not prepared enough for meetings with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Germany two years ago.

The person with knowledge of the matter stated that “Tillerson’s testimony best speaks for itself” and that the transcript of the meeting may be released to the public, yet it will be reviewed prior to the release.

«Contrary to media reports, Secretary Tillerson made clear that 2016 Russian election interference was raised clearly at the highest levels with Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. Regarding Kushner, every single administration is entitled to choose and seek counsel from their own advisers. Tillerson emphasized that all presidents ultimately and appropriately determine which advice to follow in their decisions,” official added.

 President Trump posted on Twitter that Tillerson, who is America’s top diplomat, is “dumb as a rock” and “ill equipped” for his job.

“Rex Tillerson, a man who is ‘dumb as a rock’ and totally ill prepared and ill equipped to be Secretary of State, made up a story (he got fired) that I was out-prepared by Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Hamburg, Germany,” tweeted Trump. “I don’t think Putin would agree. Look how the U.S. is doing!” he added.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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