US interference into Russian elections confirmed


Andrei Klimov, Deputy Chairman of the Temporary Committee of the State Duma on protection of sovereignty and prevention of intervention in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, asserts about foreign influence into Russian election.

“At a meeting of the Committee on May 30, the issue of the intention of US intervention and their partners in the Russian political system for elections to the Single voting day on 8 September 2019 was considered. Then we made the conclusion that USA and its foreign supporters with the complicity of those who were regarded as their own allies in the destabilization of the Russian political system, would try to benefit from the next election in our country. Unfortunately, our conclusions about the expected provocations, which would take place with external support, confirmed,” said Klimov.

In his words, the Committee has documented the US lobbying organizations attempts to influence the election process in the Russian Federation.

“After we introduced legislative measures, recognizing a number of organizations as undesirable, what began to happen? These organizations began to use “gaskets”: either to use foreign organizations branches working in the Russian Federation on completely different official issues, or to use our non-governmental organizations receiving corresponding grants for completely different official purposes. Today we have got the facts that official commercial lobbying structures including the U.S. are involved, we know their specific attempts to influence some members of the HRC, people working at universities,” Klimov denounced, adding that “Billions of DDoS attacks against our sensitive state security system, more than half of these attacks come from the U.S.”

Earlier, Klimov claimed the Temporary Committee was recording signs of foreign interference in an uncoordinated protest in central Moscow on July 27. In his opinion, this conclusion is confirmed by news stories of “leading English-speaking and pro-Western media” where, according to Klimov, there was a unilateral interpretation of the events. He added that the content analysis of media data as well as the chronology of the events highlighted, indicates that their main goal was to hype the scandal.

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