US insists on cooperation on biological weapon control with Russia

The U.S. insists on renewal of interaction with Russia in the control of biological weapons ban as Washington cannot see the evidence the elimination of such weapons in Russia. The State Department has already published the report on compliance with international agreements in the field of arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament in 2018.

«The United States will monitor Russia’s activities in the dual use (technology) sector and seek to further engage Russia in issues related to obligations (as part of a moratorium on bio-weapons – Ed.),” the report said.

The State Department points out that the countries did not have any consultations of those issues in 2018 regardless announced openness of the parties to fulfill «confidence-building measures.»

The department says that the U.S. «remains unclear whether Russia has fulfilled its obligations» within the biological weapons convention to eliminate or direct the biological weapons of the USSR times on a peaceful mission.

The report authors claim that “since 2011, the Russian Federation has revised the plans and financing of its national chemical and biological facilities.” Moscow, meanwhile, is said not to provide details “corresponding to the forms of confidence-building measures.”

“In addition, during the reporting period, Russian government continued to engage in dual-use activities that may be incompatible with the convention,” the report reads.

In May, the Russian Foreign Ministry denounced that Russia had already proposed to make an international convention to reduce potential chemical and biological terrorism, and offered the adoption of a UN Security Council statement in support of collective efforts to reduce possible chemical attacks. However, the West and the U.S. ignored those initiative.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website