US Independence Day as a start of Trump’s pre-election campaign


US Independence Day is a great excuse to formally start the pre-election campaign. Donald Trump, as a skillful and skillful showman, could not resist the temptation to squeeze everything out of the holiday and even more: grand fireworks, combat aircrafts and even truly rusty tanks in the streets, as the Pentagon explained: the appearance means nothing.

The president will declare his speech on Independence Day. Washington on the successes of the last two and a half years and plans for the next years. Trump himself announced his speech as “patriotic“, and July 4, 2019 called “special.”

In short, the head of the American state is eager to make the holiday unforgettable, first of all, for their potential voters.

The holiday itself in Washington will cost several million dollars and seems to be a self-promotion and the elements of pre-election campaign.

Moreover, Donald Trump is rumoured that was inspired by Victory Day in Russia.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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