US House of Representatives to vote on Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

US House of Representatives to vote on Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act News

Nancy Pelosi, US House of Representatives Speaker, and other US government officials want to pass a new bill called Human Rights & Democracy Act to support protesters in Hong Kong, The Epoch Times reported.

Pelosi spoke at a press conference on human rights in Hong Kong, which took place in Washington Wednesday, along with activists from Hong Kong, where the protesters are fighting against growing influence of China. House Speaker voice her support of the protesters and said that if the legislation is passed, people in Hong Kong will clearly know that the US government supports their “quest for justice & freedom.”

“Democrats and Republicans in the House and the Senate enthusiastically support this legislation,” Pelosi said. “We stand with … all who are fighting for a peaceful, hopeful future.”

Under the new legislation the US will have to annually review its special conditions for Hong Kong and will be able to sanction those guilty of “abducting and torturing” protesters of human rights activists in Hong Kong.

After the press conference, the House Speaker posted on her Twitter and said that “next week the bipartisan Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act will be marked up by @HouseForeign Affairs, referring to the vote set to take place next week.

House Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel also spoke at the press conference and said that he supported the bill, noting that the US lawmakers were “on the side of the people of Hong Kong, the side of democracy and human rights.”


Human rights activist Joshua Wong, who was present at the press conference expressed his gratitude and said that it was an exceptional day when the US lawmakers stood as one with people of Hong Kong.

“We will continue our uphill battle until the day we enjoy freedom and democracy,” he added.

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