US Forces Korea sets self-quarantine for US militants in fear of coronavirus

A self-quarantine is set on Sunday for the military representatives who have been recently headed to China. The US military command is afraid of a new coronavirus that can affect its troops.

US Forces Korea (USFK) reported that no one of the militants was suffered in Chinese province and the interruption of military activities would be just a sort of precaution.

«USFK continues to stress the overall risk to USFK personnel remains low, but that the quarantine measures implemented are out of an abundance of caution to mitigate risk to the USFK population,» the statement said.

These measures are only spread on the American troops even so USFK commander General Robert Abrams noted that the virus threatens a little to the militants as he follows its zone of the infection.

“We must do our best to prevent the spread or it will have a significant impact on our ‘Fight Tonight’ readiness!” he claimed.

It is said that there are more three cases of virus damage. Nearly 90 people are waiting for being tested for this virus. China has got about 300 people who died in China, according to Chinese state TV reported.

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