US federal judge orders FBI to search for Christopher Steele records

Christopher Cooper, US federal judge, issued an order Monday to search any record related to Christopher Steele, former British spy who also was the source for FBI and compiled the infamous dossier against then-a-nominee Donald Trump, reported the Epoch Times.

The order comes as a response to a complaint filed by the Judicial Watch, American activist group, which is seeking access to records of communication between Steele and FBI officials. Judge Copper ordered to conduct the search within 60 days.  

The dossier provided to the FBI by Steele became the basis for the bureau to obtain a court warrant and spy on Trump campaign official Carter Page.

President of the Judicial Watch Tom Fitton commented on the Judge Cooper’s decision and said that ‘the court was right to turn aside the FBI’s fake concerns for Clinton spy Christopher Steele’s privacy and order the agency to search for more records on its use of Steele and his Dossier to target President Trump.”

“That the FBI is still protecting Christopher Steele and the Clinton spy ring at Fusion GPS should tell you there is much more corruption to be exposed in the coup efforts against President Trump.”

Previously the FBI claimed that any communications with Steele after his firing from the bureau, which happened for leaking information to the media, were protected. Yet the Judge dismissed the argument and stated that “communications post-dating Steele’s time as an informant might reveal a great deal about why the FBI developed him as a CHS [confidential human source], his performance as CHS, and why the FBI opted to terminate its relationship with him.”

“Those records might either bolster or weaken Steele’s credibility as a source,” Judge Cooper wrote.

“Of course, the records Judicial Watch speculates about might not even exist—and even if they do, they may not reveal anything significant about the FBI’s operations. But that they might do so makes them a matter of potential public interest,” he added.

According to media reports and documents obtained by Judicial Watch earlier this month, Steele continued to meet with US government officials after his termination and possibly continued to provide them with information. Recently released records show that former Justice Department official Bruce Ohr met with Steele at least twice after the latter got fired.

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya commented on the issue and suggested that the records, even if there were any, could have already been destroyed.

“The documents might have been deleted or communications not recorded at all as the FBI was not obliged to produce records of communications with Steele after his termination. Thus, I don’t think we shall wait for any breaking revelations. Yet if revealed that the records were destroyed or not produced intentionally, we will definitely have something to discuss.”


Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website