US envoy on anti-Semitism Elan Carr accuses Europe of expelling Jews


In a speech at the General Conference of the European Conference of Rabbis, held in Belgium, US Special Envoy Carr accused European countries of literally expulsion of Jews by their bans, the Israel Times reported.

He called “shameful” and inadmissible some legislative acts. Thus, in many countries of Europe, religious slaughter of animals is essentially prohibited, as it is allegedly inhumane. However, the Jewish law of kashrut prescribes the most painless slaughter of livestock. And if in Austria you can still agree on the specially created slaughterhouses, then it is strictly prohibited in neighboring Germany. Belgian Flanders is going to introduce the same ban.

So European countries essentially ban their kosher and halal meat to Jews and Muslims. The same prohibition applies to traditional circumcision, which can only be carried out medically, while religion involves inviting a special religious expert. All this he called “religious discrimination” and “the expulsion of the Jews.”

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