US Economy suffers from ICE raids


A Mississippi community has suffered after the biggest ICE raids for the whole history of mankind. On Wednesday, 680 suspect illegal workers in Morton were arrested by ICE officers. Children returned home from school found their parents left.

According to the ICE report, its operation was aimed at the provision of US immigration laws who work illegally in the country. Despite ICE is entitled to hold the raids with a warrant, it does not exclude the fact of their operations as cruel treatment to citizens within the US immigration system.

The US immigration laws do not manage with illegal entrance to the country having the high demand on low-qualified work and lack of employee to cover it. For instance, lower-skilled people will not “wait in line” for a visa to apply for a job at Mississippi’s chicken processing plant. There is only one visa, the EB-3, available for 5000 people.

The US has thousands vacant jobs for low-skilled employee, therefore the US economy suffers from this fact as, nowadays, it is easy for enterprises to find well-qualified workers.

Nevertheless, employers cannot appoint the immigrants to work as to the lack of the ways for low-skilled immigrants to stay in the country legally. In this case, Donald Trump has forwarded an immigration plan with benefits for immigrants with academic degree. Such a new system, first of all, will provide with border security as the green cards will be given for those who lead the list with a point system. The points depend on professional skills, education level, age, and English knowledge.

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