US Department of Justice revealed details of Epstein’s death

Not long before the death of the US billionaire and financier, Jeffrey Epstein, his supervision was canceled in order to prevent suicide after a proper psychological report, the Hill reported citing a letter from the US Department of Justice.

According to the New York Times, Epstein’s autopsy revealed that he committed suicide in early August in prison where he was charged with sexual exploitation of minors. On July 25, Epstein was found in a prison cell «in a semi-unconscious state» with neck injuries.

The US Department of Justice is reported to reveal the details in a letter to lawmakers that in July special surveillance, made to prove that Epstein did not commit suicide, was canceled in accord with the report of a psychologist. According to the publication, the agency presented additional information when members of the US House of Representatives demanded clarifications regarding some of the issues about Epstein’s death.

“With regard to Mr. Epstein, the Department can confirm that Mr. Epstein was placed on suicide watch in July. Mr. Epstein was later removed from suicide watch after being evaluated by a doctoral-level psychologist who determined that a suicide watch was no longer warranted,» letter reads.

The DOJ also explained that all prisoners are always interviewed in the first 24 hours after arriving in federal prison, and psychiatric treatment is provided regardless of places of detention. Moreover, the Department noted that psychologists are available during working hours as well as at night.

«We are committed to working diligently to investigate this matter fully and the Department may be in a position to provide additional information at a later date as appropriate,» the letter states.

Social networks and media itself have been actively discussing how the prison guards where Epstein was admitted that he was able to commit suicide. President Donald Trump even reposted a tweet that developed the theory that former US President Bill Clinton might be involved in Epstein’s death. Both Trump and Clinton were familiar with Epstein. In response to criticism for spreading conspiracy theories, Trump said he was only looking for a full investigation.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website