US Congress wants to stop Nord Stream 2 but Germany objects

The US Congress is working up new sanctions against the participants of the pipeline project, Nord Stream-2. New restrictions will touch upon the European companies, i.e. the investors and future consumers of Russian gas will get into trouble.

Let’s realize whether the United States could harm the Russian project? As we found out, the American lawmakers intend to go on pressing the construction of the pipeline. The only shareholder of the Nord Stream is Gazprom which cooperates with German companies, Wintershall and Uniper, the Austrian OMV,  the French Engie, and the British-Dutch Shell.

We have made out recently whether President Trump’s administration will impose any restrictions against Germany.

They are exactly these companies that can be targeted and got the “slam” from the US. The sanctions regarding Finnland, Swiss, Germany and Holland will not so severe, though they agreed to lay the pipe through their territorial waters but resisted it long. But Germany itself can take the fall since it lobbied the Nord Stream project through the authority of the European Union.

It should be noted that Washington earlier failed to eliminate the Nord Stream-2 in December 2019. However, the Americans were able to delay the process of laying the pipes.

US Congress wants to stop Nord Stream 2 but Germany objects

When the Swiss-Dutch company Allseas, a Russian key technical partner, once after imposing sanctions refused to take part in the project, Russia announced that it would finish the construction on its own.

The German government raised alarm when the possibility of imposing new sanctions against it appeared, calling it “illegal” and “extraterritorial”. However, despite public claims, Berlin still supports the project, assuring the international community that it just the commercial project which does not threaten the union.

It should be stressed that it is exactly Germany which would take much benefit from the pipeline project, gaining the status of the main European gas phase or annual income of billions of dollars. Germany announced that the project of $10 billion can be finished with reasonable terms and promises to resolve the related problems through diplomacy.

The previous attempts to break the project showed that the construction of the pipeline will continue in any case, even concerning the fact that the main involved parties as Russian and Germany have such a desire.

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