US citizens anxiety following government troubles

Constant tension from the US officials who cannot copy with social issues is raising. It impacts on peace and quiet situation in the government and breaches the order.


The Trump Administration insists on prolonging terms of detention of migrant families.

Representatives of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services have recently put forward a new regulation that could carry out indefinite detention of migrant families crossing the border. On condition that the rule was agreed, the main part of the 1997 judgment on prevention of maintenance of 20-day detention of unaccompanied minors would be ruled out.

The officials state that the rule is needed for refraining a mass flow of people at the border. However, ACLU has considered the regulation as “another attack on children,” that it might be disapproved by immigration lawyers.  


At the Bay area, teachers are fiddling with plans for a new studying year while the students are struggling with the fear after mass shooting and online bullying in the country. Parents and teachers are also sounding the alarm and trying to find the way to avoid any pressure and not to miss any signs of government troubles.

Likely, there is a school in East Bay that has a discipline for students to teach them copying with danger. It also provides students with social assistance to lower tension.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website