US approval not necessary for Russia to cooperate with Iran: Russian Ambassador


Russia’s Ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan claimed on Saturday that the US approval is not necessary for Russia to cooperate with Iran, Mehr News Agency reported.

He believes the prospect of the relation between the countries and noted that the leaders will often hold the negotiations “on various occasions and discuss different issues.”

“Fortunately, we are witnessing various mutual agreements signed on economy, politics, and culture,” he added.

Concerning the transformation Iranian dossier from the US to the UN Security Council, the Russian Ambassador noted that “Russia, China, and other European countries will try to prevent this negative scenario.”

“The whole world knows that this treaty is in jeopardy, and the only country responsible for the disaster is the US. We condemn the US’ withdrawal from this international agreement. The Americans violated international law in this respect, and Iran was forced to take required action because it had no other choice. The JCPOA provided no interests for Iran,” he said.

Dzhagaryan pointed out that Russia is going to keep their efforts jointly with Iran to build nuclear objects in Bushehr. As for a new alleged splash of war because of trilateral relations between Iran, China and Russia, claiming: “they are baseless accusations since it was the US who led Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan into wars.”

“I suggest Americans to have a look back to their measures in the past years to find out which country puts regional security at risk,” he added.

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