US Air Force Gen accused of sexual assault


US Air Force general, John Hyten has denied the accusations of sexual violence, which Colonel Kathryn Spletstoser  made against him.

General John Hyten called “false” all the accusations made against him by Spletstoser during the hearings.

All of the allegations are completely false. Nothing happened, ever,” said Hyten.

Kathryn Spletstoser who accused the General of sexual abuse was present at the hearing. During the meeting, she did not comment on the Hyten’s words. After the hearings, Spletstoser  told reporters that Hyten made “false official statements under oath, he lied about a myriad of items.” Charges against the General may make the approval process by the Senate difficult.

The US Air Force (USAF) hold an official investigation after Colonel Spletstoser accused the general of violence. Investigators failed to establish Hyten’s guilt. Several senators after today’s hearing said that Hyten was the victim of unfair accusations.

“The truth is that Gen. Hyten is innocent of these charges,” said Republican Senator Martha McSally, the first woman to become a combat pilot in the USAF. According to McSally, despite the fact that “sexual assault happens in the military, it just didn’t happen in this case.” The Senator said this year that she herself was raped by a senior officer while serving in the army.

The bottom line is he lied about sexually assaulting me. He did it. He did it multiple times,” Spletstoser claimed.

According to the Pentagon, last year, the leadership of the Armed Forces received 6,053 reports of sexual assault committed in the army – the highest figure since 2004.

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