UN votes against Russia’s request to find alternative locations for its sessions

The UN General Assembly does not agree to move its annually sessions from the US to a different location, although this year the country did not issue visas to 18 Russian diplomats expected to be at the Session held in New York. According to a report by TASS, the First Committee on disarmament of the General Assembly voted against the proposal to find an alternative location for the UN sessions.

“Eighteen countries supported Russia’s proposal, 69 states voted against it, and another 72 countries abstained. Among those who supported the proposal were China, Kazakhstan, Syria, Iran, several Latin American and African countries,” the report reads.

The vote came as a response to a request drafted by Russia, Angola, Burundi, Nicaragua and Syria to take responsive measure if Moscow and Washington cannot come to an agreement on the visa issue. According to Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Andrey Belousov, the visa issue is a very serious problem and should “remain in focus of General Assembly” as national delegation should have access to every session despite political disagreements.

Belousov emphasized that the authoring countries amended the initial request to give “the US another opportunity to reconsider their policy toward issuing visas to delegates from certain countries who plan to participate in UN events.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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