U.S. worries about leading position of Russia in Arctic


According to US Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Karl Schultz, the leading role of Russia in Arctic is the main reason for the US anxiety.

He pointed out that Russia has got a huge coastline and “clear Arctic interest” due to which they can get their GDP. According to Arctic interest and its militarization, Schultz noted the possibilities of future depute as ‘Great Powers Clash in the Arctic: The Struggle for the Northern Frontier.’

“Those are the reasons we should be concerned about Russia, who is way ahead of us in this game, and the emerging aggressive China, who is pushing into the game,” he added.

In respond to a question about the beTter way to cooperate with Russia in both a search and rescue operation and military relations, he said that they “have an agreement with Russia for search and rescue, we have the satellite system for mariners across the globe.

“I think we absolutely need to find the common ground. We would like a peaceful, environmentally safe [Arctic region].”

In Amercian Admiral’s words, “Russian world view is very much based on the Arctic,” considering the Arctic as “a faraway place.”

Russia has dozens of icebreakers. We have two,” Karl Schultz noted, saying that China, which appear as a newcomer in the Arctic, will “outbuild” the U.S. by 2025.

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