Trump White House had planned to arrest thousands of migrants across the country


According to a report Trump White House had a secret plan to arrest migrants who entered the country after the “zero tolerance” family separation policy, which required to detain children and prosecute parents no matter where they were crossing the border, ended. However, Kirstjen Nielsen, former Homeland Security Secretary, and Ronald Vitiello, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director, raised questions about the lack of preparation, thereby thwarted the plan.

According to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, there was a “target list” of approximately 2,500 adults and children gathered by ICE, which included families who crossed the border over the past 18 months. The plan was developed in order to show the asylum seekers that the US is ready “to get tough.”

Nielsen and Vitiello reportedly thwarted the plan by saying that the preparation was not sufficient and expressing their concerns about possible public outrage. It’s worth mentioning that the expressed concerned were not “ethnical,” but more focused on logistics and preparations. One of the official told The Washington Post that, “there was concern that it was being hastily put together, would be ineffective and might actually backfire by misdirecting resources away from critical border emergency response operations.”

After the plan, targeting “10 cities, thousands of migrants,” failed, both Nielsen and Vitiello were fired. President Trump has reportedly claimed to “move in a tougher direction.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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