Trump to cooperate with NRA for Second Amendment


The US President Donald Trump kept his promises during his pre-election program, but did not conduct one  about the protection of the Second Amendment.

He returned to the consideration of Bump shares from ATF that have prevented upcoming disaster in this field. The thing is that the legislation states on weapon control to sign further similar charges.

Talks on weapon control is passing, so that Mr. Trump urges for tougher background checks. Meanwhile, he insists on the Congress actions in the hope that NRA would participate. In Trump’s opinion, such reform of weapon is feasible, even in front of the NRA opposition.

“We have tremendous support for really common sense, sensible, important background checks. I think we can get something really good done,” the President claimed.

It only served as the opportunity for groups on gun control such as Brady to act. Though, they cannot reach a compromise regardless constant statements about anti-weapon establishment.

“If we are talking about universal background checks, we need that to be a true universal background check so that any gun purchased in this country is bought with a background check,” said Christian Heyne, of Brady, adding that “In the past, there has been proposals on the table that have allowed for a lot of gun lobby carve outs.”

They, somehow, incline to hold background checks, borrow arms and transfer them for other people. Moreover, Mr. Trump is ready to give them assistance, to provide at least part of plans.

The President promises to cooperate with NRA to save the Second Amendment. He will be able to accept the fact that the activists stand for weapon rights, not considering arms as a reason for mass shootings. His support of this movement could make a trick on him that he would lose the chance to win the election, earlier chosen for his positive statements about armaments.

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