Trump speaks to Russian President after release of Mueller report

Muller’s investigation

The US President Donald Trump spoke to the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone. Two presidents discussed “the Russia Hoax” but did not raise the topic of Russian meddling into the 2016 elections, said Trump Friday.

It was the first time Trump spoke to Putin since Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference into the 2016 elections went public. According to the report, Russian government had interfered in the election “in sweeping and systematic way.” However, Trump said that he and Putin only talked about the conclusion that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.

“He said something to the effort that it started off as a mountain and ended up being a mouse. But he knew that because there was no collusion or whatsoever,” said Trump, noting that Putin seemed to be amused by the findings of the report.

During their conversation presidents covered a few topics, including “the Russia Hoax,” nuclear arms, North Korea and Venezuela. As reported, they did not discuss the upcoming 2020 elections. Sarah Sanders, White House spokeswoman, said that “the president’s been clear that no one needs to meddle in our election. He doesn’t need to do that every two seconds”.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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