Trump says new Ambassador to Russia to be nominated soon


US Envoy to Russia Jon Huntsman is to step down in October. According to the media reports, Huntsman will remain in Moscow until October 3 and upon his arrival back to the US he would be running for governor in Utah, if elected that would be his third-term.

Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs commented on Huntsman’s resignation and stated that “this is a decision if the administration in Washington.”

“Therefore, his performance should be assessed by the US side as well. Huntsman is a professional. Unfortunately, the domestic political situation in the US did not make it possible to realize the potential of the bilateral ties.”

Russian News Agency TASS reported Wednesday that Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the US President Donald Trump will soon nominate a new Ambassador to Moscow.

Trump said that soon [the ambassador] would be nominated,” Peskov said talking about Trump’s conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone on July 31.

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