Trump’s supporter recognizes that she was “surprised”, having learned that Mueller’s report actually does not justify him


The president’s supporter Donald Trump admitted this week that he was “surprised”, having learned that the report of the special representative Robert Mueller does not acquit the president.

In NBC News interview, in the State of Michigan voters Trump from Cathie (Cathie Garnaat ‘s). Garnaat told that this week he addressed to Justin’s mayor’s office of Amash (Justin Amash) (R-Mi) to challenge his opinion that Trump has to be made responsible – and it was overtaken imperceptibly when he directly quoted the message of the Mueller.

“I was surprised, having heard that in Mueller’s report in general there is something negative concerning the president Trump”, – she admitted. – Never heard it “.

Garnaat explained further that any of news does not show that it looks or listens ever to get into contents of the report of Mueller.

“I in general listened to conservative news and did not hear anything negative about the report, and the president Trump was acquitted,” – she explained.

Though Amash was from the conservative district, this week he received an ovation in which he got stuck because of its address to begin hearings about an impeachment to the president.

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