Trump’s order deprives of Americans 5G

On Wednesday the U.S. President Donald Trump signed the executive order forbidding to the American telecommunication companies to establish the foreign technologies posing a threat of national security. Trump’s order orders to the minister of trade Wilbur Ross to forbid any transactions which represent «unacceptable risk for national security of the United States or safety and safety of faces of the United States».

As the press secretary of the White House Sara Sanders said, «the president clearly let know that this administration will do everything possible to ensure safety and prosperity of America and also to protect America from foreign opponents who create more and more actively and operate vulnerabilities in infrastructure and services in the field of information and communication technologies in the United States».

The order on telecommunications even declares a state of emergency in the country, and in it, it seems, neither the countries, nor the companies by the name are specified, it in fact is strike against China and Huawei. The USA is especially concerned about development of Huawei networks of networks 5G abroad.

The leadership of the USA repeatedly said that the telecommunication giant will use «rear entrance» of the technologies for collection of information that, in turn, can pose a threat for NATO and other allied assets. On it China more than once stated that it is ready to promise these not to be engaged.

Trump’s administration more than once showed concern in building of the technological sector of China. So, at the end of January the Ministry of Justice published two indictments about estimated illegality from Huawei, including alleged theft of a trade secret. It accuses two branches Huawei — Huawei Device USA and Skycom Tech Co. — and also the finance director Meng Wanzhou in the financial fraud connected with attempts to avoid sanctions of the USA against Iran. Today the US Attorney Office tries to extradite Meng from Canada where she was released on bail after she was detained.

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