Trump’s Iron arms


Howard Stern says that Trump wants to govern “an iron fist”, shouting “from the head”

The leader of satellite radio of an interview of CNN Anderson Cooper told about the long career on radio and the long personal relations with Donald Trump.

Stern explained why he hopes that Trump will invite him to Camp David.

– The only thing that I really wanted, it that it brought me to Camp David. – Because we with the father often joked that if the American public properly looks at Camp David, then in this country there will be revolution, – Sturgeon told. “That presidents should not treat them as to kings and should not recede.”

“They have to work in the Oval office. What is Camp David what occurs and who pays for it? – He was surprised.

– We cannot treat our presidents as with kings, – Sturgeon told. “I always say that the greatest presidents were George Washington because they said:” you want to be a king? And he says: “you are morons? We just argued on it, you are going to make me the king?”

“How you think, Trump wants to be a king? – Cooper asked.

– I think, Trump would like to become a king, – Sterd answered

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