Trump orders to toughen rules for asylum seekers


The US President Donald Trump wants to toughen rules for asylum seekers by introducing a fee for applications and barring those who illegally entered the country from working up until their claims are approved.

A number of migrants at the US southern border is growing and Trump has put a lot of effort to stem it. The changes introduced by Trump administration mean that asylum seekers will be treated differently and will have to pay a fee for asylum applications, that are free to file for now. Yet, these regulations will take months to go into effect.  

Victoria Neilson, a former official at US Citizenship and Immigration Services, has commented on the latest rules saying that “the majority of people coming to the United States seeking asylum are coming with little more than the shirts on their back,” and adding that even a small fee could be “insurmountable” for migrants.

Another regulation introduced by Trump says that asylum seekers who illegally entered the US shall not be able to obtain work permits if their claims are still pending. Right now they are allowed to work while the claims are being processed.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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