Trump must reveal his tax declarations


The judge in the USA refused to support lawyers of the American president Donald Trump and to forbid congressmen to demand his tax declarations, reports

The relevant decision was made by the federal judge of the capital District of Columbia Amit Mehta on Monday, May 20. He rejected the application of lawyers of the head of state and made the decision in favor of committee on supervision and government reform of the House of Representatives of the Congress.

Mehta decided that the inquiry of legislators to the Mazars company checking and preparing financial statements of Trump is legally reasonable. In this regard “not business of court to ask a question whether really actions of committee are politically motivated”, it is told in the decision.

Trump considers the resolution mad and intends to appeal against it. “Absolutely incorrect decision of the judge appointed [the previous U.S. President Barack] Obama” — he said.

Congressmen requested financial documents in April. According to them, data will help to be convinced that the head of state does not violate the paragraph of the Constitution on remuneration. Lawyers of the president claimed that actions of committee have under themselves no legal basis and are a part of the campaign of democrats directed to drawing a loss of reputation of Trump.

Last week the Ministry of Finance refused to transfer to members of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the declaration of Trump in six years. The demand to publish them was made in April.

Trump repeatedly refused to publish the tax declaration. Opponents of the American leader even organized because of it protest actions. The president explains the unwillingness including the conducted audit.

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